GPA Logistics is the warehouse, transportation, and fulfillment arm of GPA Global, the premier packaging and display company of Consumer Product Goods and of luxury gift items and Spirits and Drinks.

In our California and Atlanta facilities, we assemble and fill pallet displays(full, half and quarter pallet), retail displays (permanent and seasonal) as well as seal and package merchandise in retail ready packaging.

When packaging and display assembly is advantageous to be performed in the USA (marrying up components from different geographical sources, savings on freight costs, very tight timelines) GPA Logistics has the automation and the setup to package, assemble, and ship to retailers many thousands of displays in very tight windows, at very competitive pricing.

By sourcing your packaging with GPA Global, you get expert design and manufacturing acutely attuned to the USA market, and an unbroken supply chain from Asia or Europe direct to your customer.

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