Wholesalers and e-retailers face unique challenges in getting their product into the hands of consumers.

When shipping to major US retailers, there is the dense set of rules and regulations that, when not followed exactly, incur costly chargebacks and negative scorecard ratings.
When shipping direct to consumer, there is the expectation that orders will ship the same day and tracking information provided immediately.

Doing so entails accurately picking, packing, labeling, and routing, thousands of orders per day with a near zero error rate. It’s a task that is manageable only by utilizing excellent I.T. systems, strong internal procedures, hands on management, and a motivated staff.
We have all of the above!

Whether you’re shipping many trailerloads of product to multiple Wal-Mart D.C.’s or individual orders direct to consumer, we have the resources and the experience that most 3PLs cannot match. Our management team has years of experience in these areas, and applies best practices and intense employee training to make sure the knowledge and company culture is passed along to every employee at GPA. Turn your logistics into a competitive advantage with GPA Logistics.