Distribution & Warehousing

GPA Logistics was founded on the backbone of providing world-class logistics expertise to small, medium, and large customers that are looking for personalized service and a company that values partnering with their clients and bringing… [MORE DETAILS]


Wholesalers and e-retailers face unique challenges in getting their product into the hands of consumers. When shipping to major US retailers, there is the dense set of rules and regulations that, when not followed exactly, incur costly chargebacks and negative scorecard ratings… [MORE DETAILS]

Transportation Brokerage

Transportation is a critical part of the supply chain. Getting your product to its customer is important and having the partners is paramount in selecting the final carrier for your product. At GPA Logistics, we work with only quality… [MORE DETAILS]

Freight Forwarding

It does not matter how good your product is if it does not reach its destination in a quick, efficient and safe method. GPA Logistics has decades of experience in moving freight for Fortune 500 companies and… [MORE DETAILS]

Staff & Manage, Consulting

GPA Logistics hires and retains only experienced leaders in field of logistics. Our leadership team consists of experts who have held top-level positions in Logistics, Retail, & Wholesale organizations. We leverage this knowledge and experience in… [MORE DETAILS]